Welcome home from "Revisit Korea" on 14 Nov 12 with entire community members:
 8 Nov 12: SendOff ceremony to "Revisit Korea":
22 May 2012, the Sixth Annual Luncheon honoring Korean War Veterans with LTG (US Army, Ret) James Pillsbury. All Korean War Veterans who attended the luncheon received a certificate of appreciation signed by: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Korean Dancers provided knockout entertainments with traditional Korean dance.

April 13, 2012 First fund-raiser event "M*A*S*H"
wine and whiskey tasting at The Summit, Rein Actors
 Flag of Valor handmade quilt by: New York Quilters guild members: Joan Jansen, Barbara Hanaburgh, Mary Bickel, Erika Scheuermann and Liz Knudson for live auction
November 2010 the 5th Annual Luncheon honoring Korean War Veterans and Wounded Warriors